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A small freeware Forth environment in ANSI C
yForth? is an interestingly small implementation of Forth for Linux. It
suffers several deficiencies. For general Forth programming or learning
under Linux, yForth? is not the best choice.
From the author's README:
yForth? is a Forth environment written entirely in ANSI C, making it
extremely portable. The first thing I want to tell you about yForth? is
that it seems a joke compared to other systems such as gForth or PFE.
Nevertheless, you could find yForth? nice, in which case you're invited to
explore yForth?
It's yours, you can make anything you want with it. If you want an explanation
of the words provided by yForth? please refer to the draft of ANS Forth or
something equivalent. The Net will help you.
Do not expect the prompt "ok" to come up when you run yForth?, the standard
says that "ok" shall be printed AFTER every successful command execution...
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